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We invite enterprising socially responsible individuals who have qualities to differentiate themselves through sheer excellence and integrity. If you’re interested in evolving as a professional, we’re keeping a seat warm for you. We are looking for someone who believe in simplicity, flexibility and reliability and can accept the challenge of the rapidly growing scenario in Electrical Energy. At HS Electrical India, we provide energetic environment for you to learn, innovate, develop and grow with us.

Thus we expect all our potential employees to think and dream big, while having the necessary skills and temperament to translate those dreams into concrete reality. On our part, our company management treats every human resource with respect and dignity and places a premium on his/her development and growth. We constantly evaluate and upgrade the skills of our personnel through regular and rigorous ongoing training programs on various aspects of modern electrical development and design methodologies and technologies so that each individual is able to not just achieve optimum potential but also exceed it. This in turn ensures steady growth through the company ranks.

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